New Build ZX Spectrum - The Box

The box is the final stage to do, and the main focus point of the build.

I started with a box from Console Boxes –

This is a good quality box, but to me had a couple of issues, the cardboard used for the print, although nice and sturdy was not similar enough to a original spectrum, and I felt the polys could be slightly better.

Again I threw myself into InDesign to recreate the box using an old version I had in the cupboard, I was able to use the same photo I took of an overhead Spectrum for the Horizons cover in the design. The back graphics I just scanned and traced over in Illustrator.

For the box template I got this from the printer I was going to use, I had used them in the past for a box I created for a bespoke Lego set I made as a Christmas present of our dog

Measuring the dimensions from an original box I created it in their builder and got a template to use.

I could now put everything together in InDesign and send off to print.

With the Polys I found a company in the UK who can do bespoke Polys:

I had to measure all the dimensions of an existing poly, and sent it to them who cut it to size.

Unfortunately, my measurements are a little off, so I have had to send them to get reprinted with the new sizes, as soon as I get them working I’ll put up the artwork here so you can get them produced. For the moment I am using the Consoles Boxes, and they are very good.