Building a new ZX80 from all new parts

Due to all the lovely feedback on my Spectrum 48k video and series on here I have set upon a new rebuild, and this time it is the hideously expensive and original Sinclair, the ZX80.

A well-preserved ZX80 can now easily cost upwards of £400-500, so creating a more accessible version for enthusiasts to experiment with is a great idea. This build will have significant differences from the Spectrum build, as there are no ready-made cases available for purchase. Instead, we’ll need to 3D print a case and work on achieving the best possible finish.

This will require learning about finishing techniques and sanding. Additionally, the available 3D models online aren’t exact reproductions to my original model, so I’ll need to improve my skills in Fusion 360 compared to when I last used it to create a case for a ZX ROM cartridge reproduction (which I still need to complete and document).

As before we’ll start with the PCB and work through everything needed finishing with the box and manuals. At the moment I don’t think it came with a tape, and the box was just a brown cardboard box with no printing on it but I need to finish my research, if you have any information please reach out on Discord or Twitter.

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