New Build ZX80 – The Manual

I needed to reproduce the manual and required a decent quality version to do so. Fortunately, the machine I purchased for taking measurements came with an excellent manual.

I began by removing the metal rings that bound it, then scanned each page. Using Photoshop, I cleaned up the pages as much as possible, adjusting the levels to ensure the text was clear, black and white, and of high quality. I saved each page as a separate TIFF file, then assembled them in InDesign, paying close attention to the consistent placement of page numbers for a uniform appearance.

The cover posed a more significant challenge. I scanned the original at the highest resolution I could, then cut out the ZX80 in Photoshop. To enhance the image, I ran it through several filters, including the new Photoshop Neural filters, which worked remarkably well.

Next, I designed the background with a straightforward gradient and added a drop shadow to the ZX80. Importing this into InDesign, I incorporated the Sinclair logo from a previous Spectrum project and matched the font to Univers Pro.

The result was a fully recreated manual, and I successfully exported it as a PDF.

Below, you’ll find the print-ready file.

To print I used Mixam using the following specs:

5 Wiro Bound Booklet, 128 pages ((4 additional pages)), size: A5 landscape. On paper. Digitally printed. In black & white Throughout. Binding: Wiro Binding. Cover: 300 , Silk paper, In colour on the outside colour inside. Coating (outside): Gloss lamination.

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