Building a new ZX Spectrum from all new parts

This series of posts will be documenting my quest to building a ZX Spectrum using as many still available parts as possible, I am not sure yet if it’s completely possible, but due to the work of people like Charlie Ingley who created a brand new replacement ULA chip, I am feeling confident.

I was going to redraw the board and get it printed, however my initial research alerted me to these reproduction Issue 3B boards available on PCBWay from PABB – the Issue 3B board was the most common board for the 48k Spectrum, and is a good place to start.

The board from PCBWay

I ordered the boards (well 5 of them due to minimum order quantities) and started looking at what resistors, diodes, crystals, transistors and capacitors from the original schematics, using a list from here, I could still get from suppliers such as Farnell. I have reproduced my findings here in a table I will keep updated.