YouTube Subscriptions

YouTube is home to some amazing content creators. Below I have categorised some of my favourites.

GameplayVideo Game Documentaries
Repair ChannelsRetro Computing
Speed Running


Many A True Nerd

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to Many A True Nerd. Originally found when looking for some Hitman runs quickly turned into one of my favourite channels, mostly due to the Fallout series. Highly recommend the Fallout 4 You Only Live Once series where Jon attempts to complete Fallout without ever healing, taking RadAway, using any doctors, on the highest difficulty. All commentated by a very British sense of humour. Highly Recommended

One Credit Classics

Hello my friends. Ben completes games using “one credit”. And not just games, some of the hardest games out there. The man is a insanely talented gamer, some of his clears are just mind blowing, and all commentated along with a great energy and easy going nature make this a fabulous watch whenever it pops into the timeline

Josh Strife Plays

Long plays and critiques of classic games from yesteryear asking were they as good as we remember, or were we just viewing them with too much nostalgia. Found via his Rayman video. Not a huge catalogue but where there it is very well done

Adam McDermott

Documenting the highs and lows of getting a Platinum Trophy in some brilliant games. So is the streamline for Adams series and couldn’t put it better myself. Some truly epic achievements pushing him to the absolute limit of sanity trying to get that elusive trophy.

Video Game Documentaries

Writing on Games

Hands down the best video game documentary channel, Hamish Black gives excellent in-depth analysis of game design and narrative.

AI and Games 

What I thought at first was a sister channel to Writing on Games as they shared similar top quality writing and production, as well as a very Scottish feel with Dr Tommy Thompson, this in fact is a separate channel focussing on AI in gaming, how it improves games, and is an incredibly engaging look at it.


Another excellent source of high quality documentaries, top quality production values, interviews with some really interesting developers and excellent in-depth research make this an essential subscription.

People Make Games

Excellent production, top quality research, engaging topics, all combines to a great use of your time.

Repair Channels

More Fun Making It

From short repair videos to multi-part Arcade builds, deserves many more subscriptions.

Noels Retro Lab

Covering repairs, new builds and tool reviews well worth adding to your subscriptions. Loves the Amstrad CPC which is rare in this world!

Mark Fixes Stuff

Came to wider attention when a horrific house fire burnt down his house and collection. Generosity of the retro community came to the forefront in raising money to help him and his family. Apart from that a genuinely excellent channel slowly getting back up to speed after the fire.

Adrian’s Digital Basement

Great channel to watch, always an interesting fix or review of a tool and steps outside the norm often.

Break Into Programme

Found when I was looking at DRAM testers and found his build videos helping me to find a problem with my build have enjoyed all the builds and repairs.

Retro Computing


Amusing reviews, fabulous watch alongs of classic computer shows of yesteryear such as Bad Influence and Knightmare make this a must watch channel.

Paul Jenkinson

The Spectrum show is a monthlyish 30 minute slice of Spectrum heaven. Reviewing old and new games as well as books and everything else Spectrum related it’s well worth your time.

Coding Secrets

From the founder of TT Games he reveals some of the programming tricks that pushed the Megadrive to its absolute limits. Essential viewing for anyone interested in game development and even those who aren’t.


Can’t be many people who haven’t come across LGR by now but in case you haven’t, just go and watch. Featuring retro tech, PC games and much more.

Speed Running

Games Done Quick

The original speed running marathon, has lost a decent bit of its charm as it became more professional but still a good place to find interesting runners to keep an eye on.

Summoning Salt

In depth looks at how World Records in a chosen game have progressed through the years, how new strats have been discovered and the dedication and time people put into shaving 10ths of seconds into games


The European version of GDQ, a little less corporate although it is starting to become more so, and in my opinion more interesting runs