Green Beret

Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum

Your name is Green Hat, hardly a name to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, however, luckily you have a rather sharp knife that can do that job for you although we must say budget cuts must have hit the US military hard, as they couldn’t afford to equip you with a gun, rather an oversight due to some of the weaponry the enemies are packing, that or they don’t like you and sent you on a suicide mission. 


Split into three sections, bridge, harbour and missile base, you have to run from left to right, killing everyone who gets in your way, and you will be killing a lot of people. Some of the tougher enemies will drop a special weapon for you to use, we spotted a flame-thrower, grenades and a rocket launcher, you can fire these with a tap of the space bar, but be warned you only get a few shots and they are best saved for the end of each level where tonnes of enemies swarm at you. Controls are responsive, and collision detection is excellent; it has to be because this game is tough, one slight brush against an enemy will kill you, and with only 3 lives, this is a tough game to finish, especially as you can’t shovel in any more 10ps like the arcade game.

ZX Spectrum

Talking of the arcade game, if you are a fan, you might be disappointed to hear that the home conversions have removed an entire level from the arcade, but if you are anything like us, you will never reach it anyway.


All formats have great graphics. The C64 is colourful and well animated, while the Spectrum is not quite as colourful, thanks to the colour clash. It is again well animated and runs at a good speed. The Amstrad, however, looks nice and colourful. However, there is no scrolling, and the animations are nowhere near as good as the other two versions.

Amstrad CPC


The C64 here has an absolutely fantastic title screen tune composed by Martin Galway. In-game sounds are your weapon slash noise over a drum beat. The spectrum doesn’t have any title music, and in-game, effects are limited to little jump and fire sounds with no in-game music. Moving onto the CPC you wish it didn’t have much in the way of sound effects, the beep that wants to be a drum beat and horrendous sound effects will have you reaching for the volume knob before long.


On the Commodore and Spectrum, this is a really fun game, if tough, and is heartily recommended. The Amstrad version, however, is only recommended to the schoolyard bully.

Cheats & Pokes

Description Cheat
ZX Spectrum Infinite Lives 41652,182
ZX Spectrum Infinite Ammo 46827,183
ZX Spectrum Always Have Weapon X 46486,62:46487,x:46488,50 (x = 1 [flame thrower], 2 [rocket launcher] or 3 [grenades])
ZX Spectrum Immunity 41955,1
C64 Infinite Lives POKE 5429,173
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