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First impressions lie. When we first started playing 3D Deathchase, we felt this was pretty dull, and then, wow. It explodes into one of the best games we have seen on the Spectrum. But let’s go back to the start. It’s the year 2501 and America is ruled by violent warlords battling to control the forests. You play the part of a group of elite mercenaries, Riders of the Big Bikes, and you earn your living by chasing enemy Riders and destroying them with your guided photon bolts. OK, let’s stop; the story is ridiculous. But let’s forget that, in reality, it appears VERY heavily influenced by driving speeder bikes through the Forest Of Endor from the superb Star Wars sequel, The Return Of The Jedi. 

Controls are simple: left, right, stop, start, and fire. You can only fire when riding at top speed and when the enemies are in range. You need to destroy two enemy bikes to get to the next level. Helicopters and tanks occasionally pop up with a large bonus available if you manage to destroy them. 

The controls at first felt a little strange. We couldn’t work out why they hadn’t gone with the usual q, a, o, p, but then we realised our hands were placed as if we were riding a motorbike—well, how we imagine you ride a motorbike—and it all clicked into place.

As we said before, when we first loaded this up, we felt the 3D graphics were very impressive, especially considering this runs on a 16k Spectrum. However, we plodded through the first four levels and felt it was a bit dull. We breezed through the levels, and it didn’t seem like there was much of a challenge. But then level 5 hit, and everything got turned up to 11. 

The trees you need to avoid suddenly turned from scattering to a dense forest, requiring us to weave in and out while trying to get the enemy in our sights. The speed gives an incredibly exciting feeling, and when we ran into a tree we would gasp in anguish. But the game is so good you will get back on the bike and give it another go. Before you realise it, you are truly hooked. 

Deathchase is an absolutely essential purchase for all Spectrum owners. Available for £6.95 we are giving it 10 out of 10

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Infinate Lives 26463,0
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