ZX Spectrum IC23

The IC23 is a 74LS32 Logic IC and can be replaced with a modern 74HCT32 Logic IC

A modern replacement can be found here:


Using a multimeter check the traces for IC23, the the diagram below for chip pin position

PinTraces toVoltage
1IC2 Pin 19
2IC1 Pin 38
3Upper Ram (IC15-22) Pin 4
4Upper Ram (IC15-22) Pin 4
5C64 & R70 Left
6Upper Ram (IC15-22) Pin 15
7Upper Ram (IC15-22) Pin 16
8R70 Right
9C63 & R71 Left
10IC24 Pin 8
11IC24 Pin 5
12IC2 Pin 22
13IC2 Pin 22
14IC2 Pin 11