Renault 9 ZX Spectrum 48k

In 1984 Renault, the French car manufacturer, ran a promotion in the UK where if you buy a Renault 9, from £4,645 between April 1st and May 31st they gave you a special packaged 48k ZX Spectrum.

I had the incredible fortune to find one for sale in 2021. The box had been found in the attic of a manager in a Renault car dealership in Wolverhampton. He had thought that computers were just a passing fad and had never bothered opening it or doing anything with the giveaways. I wonder if he didn’t bother to give someone who bought the car their Spectrum. When his son was cleaning out after his death he came across it, the box was unopened and is maybe the best example of a ZX Spectrum in the world today.

Apart from some aging to the outside packaging everything is in absolute mint condition, from the untouched Spectrum, Philips Cassette Recorder and Renault After Sales programme.

The “After Sales” programme is pretty simplistic, consisting of a few text based screens with part numbers, some screens illustrating the benefits of their various services they offer. It’s not going to set the world alight, but you have to give credit for trying something new

I had been looking for a mint Spectrum for years, and had one that was very nearly mint, but to find not just a mint never used example, but also part of such a limited box it was a very special find.