New Build C64 - The Manual

To recreate the manual I had to pop to eBay to find a reference one. Good quality manuals were hard to find, the one I ended up with had a lot of work to do in it. Pages were scribbled on, fixing mistakes in the original copy, and plans for a game the original owner was creating. Also unlike the Sinclair manuals the internal pages had some colour in them.

I ended up scanning the internal pages in greyscale and recreating the blue type in Futura and placing over the top to improve the final print quality.

The front cover I recreated from scratch in Illustrator redrawing the 64 design. Also all internal blue chapter pages were recreated from scratch to again improve print quality.

Downloadable PDF can be found below.

To print I used Mixam using the following specs:

5 Wiro Bound Booklet, 176 pages ((4 additional pages)), size: Custom size. On paper. Digitally printed. In colour Throughout. Binding: Wiro Binding. Cover: 300 , Silk paper, In colour on the outside colour inside. Coating (outside): Gloss lamination.

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